Egyptian Healing Rods


The Sacred Power Tools of the Egyptian Pharaohs and High Priests & Priestesses. Modern science concluded that only 7 minutes of holding a set of the rods is equivalent to a 30 minute Acupuncture treatment.





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Universal White Time Healing & Classes

Universal White Time Healing was tailor-made for humanity, animals, nature, situations in life and Mother Earth. It is very suitable for healing for physical, psychological, emotional daily problems and situations in life.


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Nick Edwards pyramids

The Finest Pyramids Made for the Past 30 Years!

Charged in a Million Volt Tesla Coil.

Crystal Sage Essential Oils


Pure therapeutic grade essential oil blends infused with crystal beads to enhance the vibrational frequency of the products. Blends are made into oils, AromaMists, Aura Butters, Goat’s Milk Soaps, Charcoal Oil Incense and Bath Salts.




Ascension Pendants


Experience Joy, Peace and Pure Bliss

and... Release Stress and Negativity just by wearing this pendant. Pendants Balance the Chakras Immediately!





Board of Knowledge


The most powerful and profound enlightenment tool in the Universe!


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Sally Trautner Energy Healing


Teacher, Healer, Artist and Inventor since 1995. Distant healing and hands on healing in her Scottsdale, AZ clinic.


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